Roller Manufacture

New Fold (Folder) Rollers

We manufacture replacement folder rollers
for many brands of folders including
*Stahl, *MBO, *H&H, *GUK, and *Baum.
Folder Rollers from KEPES, a better Fold Roller

Fold rollers are the heart of your folding machines. If they are damaged or worn, you will have problems with quality and productivity.

Start with the right steel-
Our steel is exclusively "stress proof" material. It is formulated to resist warping and twisting.

Cut Steel for Rollers

Folder Roller
Replacement Parts PDFs


Stahl TF with
3-piece Bearings

Stahl TF with
Capped Bearings

Stahl T36

Stahl TI36


Knurled Rollers and Sealed

Knurl the surface and seal it-
We roll the knurl into the surface of the steel. This helps to strengthen and stiffen the surface of the steel. Other processes only cut away the surface.
We chemically treat (blacken) the roller to inhibit oxidation. Without this process rollers are easily rusted
when exposed to cleaning and wetting solutions.

Precision Machine-
Using state of the art CNC machine tools we machine the cores
to exacting standards.

Precision Machining

The right Synthetic material for the job-
Not every fold roller requires the same material.Which Synthetic Materials

We offer three standard materials.
**Rubber (black)
has a good grip and very good wear properties. It also can be rejuvenated.


**Foam urethane (white) has unmatched control over very slick stocks (aqueous coatings).


**Urethane (brown)
has good wear properties along with good grip. It is also resistant to oil based lubricants.

**We also offer other custom materials for special projects.

Finish the process with tight tolerances-
We precision grind the rollers to insure that they run straight and true.

Precision Grinding
Inspection Processing

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect-
We continue to inspect the roller throughout the process to insure that they are concentric and straight.

Experienced, knowledgeable Staff

We are a folder company that provides rollers. We are not a roller company that happens to work on fold rollers. Our staff knows folders inside and out. If you have questions please ask. We can help with both technical and operational questions.
We support our customers before, during and after the sale.
Our rollers are made in our plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin giving us control over the process from beginning to end.

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