Nip / Pinch Wheels

Rubber Bonded to Steel Nip & Pinch Wheels

KEPES manufactures and recovers rubber and urethane coated rollers for a variety of industries. These are offered with knurled surfaces, straight cut grooves, spiral cut grooves and working surfaces with movable segments. The synthetic material on the roller is suited to the type of product being handled.

Rubber Bonded to Metal Nip and Pinch Wheels

We offer urethane, foam and synthetic rubber compounds. The urethane offers a long life, good control of most products and resistance to oil based compounds. The foam is ideal for controlling coated, slick materials. The rubber has good wear properties, can be rejuvenated and has moderate resistance to heat.

KEPES manufactures nip and pinch wheels for a wide variety of industries. In diameters from under one inch to over six inches. The wheels are also offered with a variety of synthetic materials.

Synthetic Materials for bonding to metal Nip & Pinch Wheels

We specialize in work that has small quantities (our average lot size is six pieces), and short turnaround times (our average lead time is 1-2 weeks). We also build prototype parts. Our in house machining and engineering services assist in providing this quick turnaround.

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