New Fold Rollers

New Fold Rollers

Fold rollers are the heart of your folding machines. If they are damaged or worn, you will have problems with quality and productivity.

Here at KEPES we have been working with fold rollers since 1979. That is getting close to 30 years. The combined experience of our staff and the highest quality raw materials and workmanship is what makes us proud to offer New Fold Rollers for your equipment.

We have been recovering fold rollers since the very early years. This is still a service that we provide. Not all rollers need to be replaced. Many times we can determine this for you with just a phone call. Having your rollers sent to our facility and properly inspected will be the best determining factor.

Should you need new fold rollers KEPES can manufacture replacement fold rollers for all the major brands of floor model folders including spiral rollers. We offer three standard materials.

**Rubber (black) has a good grip and very good wear properties. It also can be rejuvenated.
**Foam urethane (white) has unmatched control over very slick stocks (aqueous coatings). The trade off is that it does not wear as well as our other materials.
**Urethane (brown) has good wear properties along with good grip. It is also resistant to oil based lubricants.

**We also offer other custom materials for special projects.

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