Large Format Collating

Large Format Collating

As the printing and distribution industry expands it also demands versatility. One of KEPES recent installations included a large format collating line for the automated assembly and packaging of poster sets for retail display.

This large format collator handles sheets up to 30" x 42". The efficient design and control allow for cascade start ups and shut downs, insuring that every set is complete from the first to the last. Jogging devices placed throughout the collator yield consistently square piles of product.

The sets can be finished with either an automated paper/plastic banding device or automatically placed into a shipping carton and sealed for shipping.

Large format pile feeders count and load the required number of sheets at their respective hoppers. The feeders can accommodate a wide range of product types and thickness'. The preload devices improve efficiency by minimizing reload times.

The modular design allows the work to dictate the number of feeders that can be attached to the line. The collator is available in five different sizes. There are also a variety of feeder options to suit your applications.

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