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How Many Segmented Glue Rollers?
Segmented Glue Rollers - How Many Rollers Do You Need?

*A glue relief is especially important with fugitive glues that are designed to set on the surface of the sheet. Areas to be sealed should not be given additional pressure forcing an unwanted GLUE penetration. Excessive pressure with fugitive glue can alter the performance of the glue resulting in unwanted tearing of paper fibers and customer rejection of work.

When applying glue on the register table for a letter fold;
A minimum of three segmented glue rollers are required. 

Fig. A & B; Signature open, glue exposed.
Fig. C; Signature still open, glue exposed.
Fig. D; Although signature closes between rollers 4 & 5 a glue relief is still necessary to avoid flattening/squeezing of glue.*

Fold plates #1 & 3 should have adjustable fold plate nose pieces installed.

How Many Segmented Rollers Diagram Top View

Our segmented rollers can be left in your folder even when you are not gluing. The rollers are made with the same materials used in our new and recovered buckle folder fold rollers. We continue to inspect the rollers throughout the process to insure that they are concentric and straight. Our larger core diameter maintains the concentricity and straightness. This provides you the same performance grip and durability as our new fold rollers!

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