Renegade DP
Direct Placement High-speed Placing System
  • For Pharmaceutical Inserts, Cards, Folded Booklets, Pouches, and Uneven Thickness Items
  • For Carton Folder-gluers
  • Narrow profile
Renegade Direct Placement Narrow Profile Placer for Pharmaceutical Inserts, Cards, Folded Booklets, Pouches, and Uneven Thickness Items


  • Capable of placing 1" x 1" pharmaceutical inserts up to 20,000 pieces per hour.
  • Perfect for carton folder-gluer applications.
  • 24 or 12 inch long "nose" to operate between machine components. Narrow profile fits into tight places.
  • Two mounting methods. Hang from above or support from below.
  • Operator interface with membrane keypad and LCD graphical display.


The Renegade™ Placing System places an un-tabbed, folded document as small as 1" x 1" at speeds up to 20,000 pieces per hour at locational accuracies to within +/- 1mm. The Renegade provides registration accuracy, placement accuracy, feed and placement reliability and overall fast speed. Dual servo motors provide the control and speed needed for the most demanding applications.

The Renegade™ High Speed Placing System is used to place small items on discrete carrier pieces on vacuum tables or existing transports. Some applications include: folded instructions on to cartons, credit or phone cards on to carrier pieces, promotional items on to magazines or mailers, and many more. The system can also handle difficult to feed materials like embossed credit cards, nested backers and delicate sheets.

Unprecedented accuracy is attained because even flexible pieces are guided through the separation process without any skew. This is not possible with the "pinch point" design that other feeder manufactures use. A pinch point can cause a high stress drag spread unevenly across a sample, leading to unexpected skew.

The Renegade™ is the only machine able to place such a small sample onto the traveling target document without lofting or dropping it. Our unique design contacts and presses a sample in place synchronously before "letting go".

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