Infra-red Dryers

Infra-red Dryer Specifications

Reduce your operating energy costs
Eliminate your paper fires
Operate at faster line speed
Lower your belt temperatures and keep your surrounding equipment cooler
Prolong your lamp life

Infra-red  Dryers Mounted on a KEPES Dryer Base

Standard Units
Heated Length      16" or 25"
Heated Width        2" to 9"
Wattage      6,000 to 30,000

Custom units are available

Our infra-red dryers are designed to direct and focus both the air flow and the infra-red energy where it is needed. Our dryer utilizes energy efficient lamps that have a built in reflector. The reflector directs 100% of the infra-red in one direction, at the paper! The lamps are at least 30% more efficient than standard lamps. The efficiency gain allows you to dry ink at faster line speeds with less power, reducing energy consumption while keeping belts and surrounding equipment cooler.

Dryers work with all of
KEPES imaging conveyors!

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